2013 fashion short hairstyles and haircuts for women

Modern ladies like short hair for its convenience and style, of course. 2013 fashion haircuts for short hair includes different ideas and styles. Your look can be shy or aggressive, smart or blond (or even smart blond)… There are unlimited opportunities to find perfect haircut!

The most popular this year is pixie. It can be shorter or longer, but any way it’s stylish. Use color to make you hair more fashion. It may be total pink, red or multi-tonal. See pics with blond and yellow, brown and green, isn’t it gorgeous?

If you like natural hair colors you can use a wide palette of blonds, reds and browns. Also brondind looks very natural and makes a rich diamond sparkling on hair.

Natural hair usually doesn’t get perfect form and texture without styling. So don’t forget about special hair cosmetics and stylers.