2015 fashion trends for curvy women on 15 images

Or online magazine loves plus size curves and we are happy to introduce you new trends of 2015’s fashion.

Color and print blocking

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Color-blocking came to fashion last season and now it gets a new additive: print-blocking. Plus size fashion ideas make right accents and highlight seductive curves.

Floral prints

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Chose your favorite color print style and refresh your look this season. Floral prints are most trendy for mid-length and floor-length dresses.


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Vertical stripes are not the best idea for 2015, but all other are very nice and can make a fantastic illusions with any part of your body with its ability to make accents.

Rules’ breaking

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Refusing of horizontal stripes is just one rule you can break in 2015. Another one is to try crop top, ant it’s not the truth that only skinny women may try this trend; vice versa – curvy bust will get a lots of attention. And the third trend is breaking for a last few seasons: wear white and light colors. They don’t make you “bigger”, they highlight your feminine.


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Jeans are must-have for any woman and if you’ve got a perfect one, you need one or more trendy pieces. Choose “old” and 90’s styles jeans.

Images by Luisa Viola, Jeffrey & Paula, Wetseal, Anna Scholz, Igigi, Forever 21, Eloquii, Ashley Stewart