2017 curvy and plus size fashion wedding dresses that will suit you

2017 wedding fashion has ideas for every bride and we choose wedding dresses ideas that will suit curvy and plus size women. The fist thing we would like to notice that sure you can wear any dress of you dream. Our post is about trends and the best visual fitĀ of wedding dress for women with curves.


Princess or A-silhouette wedding dress is a hot trend in wedding fashion for a few years and in 2017 these dresses are a great idea to look stylish. Princess also will look feminine and elegant for many years and you’ll love you wedding look when you’ll see your wedding photos long year after your Great Day.

2017-curvy-and-plus-size-fashion-wedding-dresses-that-will-suit-you-7 2017-curvy-and-plus-size-fashion-wedding-dresses-that-will-suit-you-4

Mermaid wedding dress is a Magic wand for your curves! You can easily highlight your advantages: curvy bust and hips, and make accent on waist. 2017 trendy Mermaid dress has elegant “tail” (the bottom skirt part). Too much fluffy skirts visually add volume for body so we don’t recommend such styles for curvy and plus size women. Good ideas are on images below.

2017-curvy-and-plus-size-fashion-wedding-dresses-that-will-suit-you-2 2017-curvy-and-plus-size-fashion-wedding-dresses-that-will-suit-you-3

High-waist wedding dresses usually have straight skirt. Well, let’s be honest: every women has some body parts she dislikes. For Mermaid or Princess dress you’ll need modelling lingerie for waist and hips. High-waist dresses are great to feel yourself confident and beautiful with minimal efforts.


A few more notices for your trendy wedding look.

  • Curves look even more seductive in vintage dresses. Some of them are mid-length and so comfortable!
  • Don’t use thin shoulder straps. For best look choose no-strap dresses or dresses with wide straps, sleeves.
  • V-neck is beloved with curvy women. Try it for your wedding dress even if you never wore it before.

2017-curvy-and-plus-size-fashion-wedding-dresses-that-will-suit-you-5 2017-curvy-and-plus-size-fashion-wedding-dresses-that-will-suit-you-8

Images via Pinterest