Beautiful lingerie – the best Christmas gift for a woman

All women love lingerie. Even if a lady looks serious and like a real business-woman, she will be happy to get lingerie as a Christmas gift. How to choose one? Some tips are here for you.

If you know what size you need (you are a dream of any lady in this case!), buy any bright set bra + panties with stylish silk, lace, decoration. Your woman will wear it not only in bedroom, but any day for a flirty mood. Try to choose such color and model that you haven’t seen before in her wardrobe.

If her size is still a mystery for you, don’t be afraid to give lingerie. Take any of her top secretly. This must be close-fitting clothes. Than go to a shop with it or measure it yourself if you are going to buy online. Choose a play costume or some of flirty dress, baby-doll, top + panties set. They have few sizes usually (S-XL or even S-L). Some models have fit-to-all size.

Don’t forget about lovely pack giving a gift. Lingerie symbolizes love, so red color is preferable for box and bow.