Best shades for any face shape

Any face shape has its best shades form. To make your style perfect find your face shape and choose right shades.
Shades for oval face.
Oval face is perfect, so any shape of shades would be nice. Try different to compare and buy many shades to change your look. If you are lucky like Charlize Theron don’t miss your chance to get new look just changing one accessory.

Shades for oval face Charlize Theron

Shades for “heart”-shape face.
Reese Witherspoon has “heart” face shape and her hairstyles and shades are always perfect for her. She knows the style rules and shades shapes are: Cateye, Round ad Wayfarers.

Shades for heart face Reese Witherspoon

Shades for “square” face.
“Square” face needs to look more oval, so the “angles” should be smoothed. Choose Cateye and Round shades like Paris Hilton does.

Shades for square face Paris Hilton

Shades for round face.
To make round face more “light” choose Oversized and Cateye shades. Probably, you won’t be like Miranda Kerr, but we are sure you’ll look gorgeous!

Shades for round face Miranda Kerr

These are common tips. Sometimes shades may be perfect even if they mustn’t typically.