Fashion bangs for different face types.

If hairstyle and bangs are correctly selected can be beneficial to emphasize the dignity of every face shape. We could even say that bangs play a major role in the “de-excitation” of facial features. “Oval”, “Heart”, “Square”, “Circle” – these are common basic shapes of the face. There are other, more precise form, such as “Diamond”, “Triangle”, “Rectangle”, but we’ll focus on the first four.

Fashion bangs for different face types

Bangs for an oval face.

The oval face is considered ideal, and thus has fit virtually any hairstyle. Yet the best will look asymmetrical hairstyle with long bangs going down below the cheekbones and shoulder-length hair. Also, provided that the correct facial features will be good with straight bangs.

Bangs for an oval face

Bangs for a square face.

To smooth the “corners” of a square shape face, it is best to use the asymmetrical haircut. Excellent job with that too visually “light” and wavy hair. Create a visual volume will effect the burnt hair and curls are also easy to make, given the wide range of modern curling hair.

Bangs for an oval face

Bangs for a “heart” face.

Long asymmetrical bangs up to the temple are most suitable for “heart”, but they will look better with graduated strands. “Heart” face is not suitable for straight thick bangs.

Bangs for a heart face

Bangs for a round face.

Best suiting hairstyles for a round face are those in which a bang visually difficult to distinguish from the rest of the hair. The first are graded haircuts. It is also important to choose the right length bangs. Asymmetric elongated bangs better to do a little below the chin.

Bangs for a round face