Fashionable bob hairstyles for every day.

Bob haircuts based on latest fashion trends are perfect for every day. Hair stylists recommend classics. But, nevertheless, you can choose an unusual style of bob. Perhaps the best is the classic bob of natural color with straight bangs, asymmetrical bangs or no bangs.

Asymmetrical bob 2014 – it is a daring, but carefully chosen hairstyle. Stylists recommend carefully consider the type of hairstyle, accents, that the result is perfect for you. Straight bangs, sharp angles, curly styles are in fashion.

Smoothly stacked bob for straight hair and lush volume variations of this hairstyle are in fashion. You can create volume by your mood with the help of iron and styling cosmetics, or you can make a perm. To get a well-groomed bob for straight and fluffy hair now you have the perfect solution – keratin.

Finally, do not forget to think about the color of your fashionable bob. They are natural shades of chestnut, rich shades of red, platinum blond and the delicate pink shades.