Homemade natural body scrubs recipe. Smoothes and tightens the skin, anti-cellulite.

This natural homemade body scrub will make your skin more elastic, fresh and smooth. All the ingredients are available for any girl. Also, this scrub helps to reduce cellulite. The main advantages of this recipe are its naturalness, efficiency and low cost.


So, you’ll need:
• virgin olive oil;
• fine sea salt (ideally – Dead Sea salt ) ;
• ground coffee ;
• lemon juice ;

All components should be taken by your wish more or less, depending on the desired result. Each component acts differently on the skin. Olive oil moisturizes, salt cleans, dries inflammation and acts as a scrub, coffee also works as a scrub and makes the skin more elastic, lemon juice lightens spots and scars. If you are still in doubt about proportions try a half cup of oil and a tablespoon of each other component. If you are allergic to any of the said you should exclude it. Olive oil can be replaced by another one, for example sunflower oil.

Before you apply the scrub take a shower with a neutral shower gel. The best is one of baby’s series. Then carefully rub the body with scrub, paying special attention to problem areas and areas with cellulite. You can leave the scrub for 30 minutes and relax. Rinse off scrub with the same shower gel. Now your skin looks perfect.

The best results are obtained by using a scrub 1 time per week. The effect is noticeable after the first treatment.