Miranda Kerr’s date hairstyle and makeup ideas

If you are preparing for a date, probably you are confused: what makeup and hairstyle will be perfect? There is no one multipurpose answer, but there is a good advice of many psychologists and stylists: be natural, but don’t forget about cosmetics. We’d like to show you Australian model Miranda Kerr, who is gorgeous in natural styles.

Usually you can see Miranda with softly lined up eyes or “cat eyes”. She changes brightness of her look by using different colors for lips. Also don’t forget about face tone. You can use a light one or don’t use it all, but don’t use heavy cream or powder which will make a “mask” on your face.

There are two best ideas for long or middle-length hair. They are: wavy hair and slicked back hair. The last one can be a pony tail, a bun or another comfortable hairstyle.

Don’t use much blushes, lipstick or any other cosmetic. The best way to look perfect on a date is to care about your skin every day and make it healthy inside and outside. And Miranda Kerr is the best proof.

photos via Stylebistro