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2016-2017 plus size trendy swimwear. Looks on images

2016-2017 holidays by the sea or ocean shore or near the pool will be fashionable with stylish swimsuits for plus size women. Designers created gorgeous styles for maximum comfort and lure in one bottle. Playful bikini, comfortable and stylish tankini,...

2016-2017 plus size fashion women’s lingerie

2016-2017 plus size fashion women’s lingerie focuses on comfort. It emphasizes the dignity of magnificent curves. Bras for large bust traditionally has a wide shoulder strap and the soft cup, to provide comfort during wear.

Plus size office look on fashion illustration

We love an idea to look great every day, so office style with contrasting stripes is a good one. Rules of curvy looks say: highlight your 3 advantages, which are bust, waist and hips.